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Suchard™ Chocolates

Suchard chocolate, is the premium Swiss chocolate brand, famous throughout the world.
Its luxurious tasting chocolate is used to make a range of delicious chocolate gifts and
in addition, the Suchard expertise has been used to create a chocolate flavour drink.

Suchard has grown since 1828, when Philippe Suchard started the small scale manufacture
of chocolate in Switzerland. By the early 1880's the Suchard company was producing
about 50% of the national output of chocolate in Switzerland, and employing about
half the total number of people in the industry.

Suchard merged with Tobler in 1970, and following a series of further mergers is now
part of Kraft Foods – still producing fine chocolate in the Swiss tradition.

Milkais one of the world's leading brands of chocolate - selling mass quantities of
chocolate blocks, Easter Bunnies, Santa Clauses and specialty chocolates throughout the world.
The brand began in 1901 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, where a forward-thinking
chocolate company, formed by Philippe Suchard in 1825, transformed chocolate from
a product available only to Europe's elite to a treat that could be enjoyed - and afforded - by all.

Near the turn of the 20th century, Philippe Suchard's entrepreneurial son-in-law expanded
the business rapidly, setting up production facilities in Austria, Germany and France.
He introduced several new manufacturing techniques - including a new process
of grinding and milling the raw cocoa beans and a formula for mixing milk and cocoa -
as the Milka name suggests.

More recently, another creative product introduction was Milka Oreo , a chocolate bar
that combines Milka chocolate with Oreo cookie pieces. This marked the combination
of two of Kraft's strongest brands, as well as an international and U.S. favorite.

Toblerone's unique shape, taste and flavour appeals to all. It's often perceived as a
‘special treat' and especially popular at seasonal times – Father's Day, Valentines Day
and Christmas. Toblerone has a staggering 98% brand awareness with 25% of
consumers saying Toblerone is a brand they like and buy regularly.

Toblerone contains milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat. It comes in a
number offormats such as bars and individually wrapped mangles.

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