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Lindt Chocolate Recipes
" Lindt Light or Dark Truffles"

Lindt Light or Dark Truffles
Required time: Roughly 10 minutes for the preparation of the truffle mixture (ganache).  Roughly 20 minutes to roll the truffles + 8 hours for chilling
Amount: Roughly 25 x 10 g truffles

OR 2x 100 g bars of Lindt Dark Chocolate

8 cl double cream
200 g cocoa powder or
200 g powdered sugar

Break the chocolate up into pieces and melt in a bain marie at 40 - 50 °C. Heat the full cream briefly, add the melted chocolate and mix together well. Cover the chocolate mixture (known in specialist terms as 'ganache') with cling film ensuring it is air-tight and leave to chill for roughly 8 hours in the fridge.
Pour the cocoa powder or powdered sugar into a soup bowl. Using a tea spoon, measure out some truffle mixture (10 g approx.) and work it into a ball in the soup plate using your fingers. Rinse your hands regularly in cold water and dry thoroughly.

IMPORTANT: Keep your truffles in a cool, dark and dry place (NOT the fridge owing to the moisture).

Storage time:
Around 3 days.

Try using grated coconut, finely ground hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds or pistachios instead of the cocoa powder or powdered sugar.


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